School Tours

The Acorn School does not have any current availability.  We are fully enrolled for the 23/24 school year.  If you would like to join the waitlist please email to schedule a tour.  

Thank you for your understanding.    

Here are a few things to remember when looking for high-quality child care:


Children should be watched at all times, even during nap time. When children are closely watched, there is less chance for injury and greater chance for learning. When children are comfortable with their surroundings, there is more chance for growth and learning.

Look at how the caregivers relate to the children:

* Are children cared for on a one-on-one basis?
* How does the caregiver respond to the group?
* Is the caregiver welcoming to children as they arrive?

Observe the caregiver-to-child ratio:

* How many adults there are per child(ren) in the program?

The amount of attention your child gets is important to his/her development. The smaller the group, the more one-on-one attention your child will be given. This personal attention results in more chances for social and emotional development.


Ask about what training caregivers have had. Check for:

* CPR and first aid certification
* Educational background
* Ongoing trainings attended
* Child abuse prevention training
* Training in positive guidance techniques

Caregivers who have had and continue to have training are better able to offer higher-quality care for your child.

Growth and Learning:

When choosing a child care program, make sure there are many learning opportunities. These include areas with:

* books
* blocks
* puzzles
* crafts

Ask the caregiver if there are daily or weekly planned activities offered. Make sure these activities are right for your child’s age.